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Donté Clark is a poet and emcee out of Richmond, California. Consistently performing across schools, conferences, poetry readings and hip hop shows globally. He was accepted to the VONA program, a prestigious week-long conference for writers of color.  More recently Donté can been seen shining on the big screen. His appearance in films like award winning “Kicks” and the new highly anticipated web-series “The North Pole” only catch a glimpse of Donté’s creative reach. The future is promising.  Donté’s primary focus is ending the violence that has plagued his community and impacted him deeply- he uses his art and curriculum as a call to action. In the last few years, Donté hosted a town hall on violence in Richmond and took the lead with planning and writing the majority of the script for “Té’s Harmony”. This year he wrote and directed a new play, “Po’Boys Kitchen”, which premiered in March 2014.  He continues to spark such critical dialogue and encourages everyone  to do the same. 


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D’Neise Robinson is a celebrated poet, dancer, and performer from Richmond, CA.  A graduate of Salesian High School, D’Neise now attends Sacramento State University and is pursuing a degree in psychology.  She starred in “Té’s Harmony”, playing the role of Harmony (the “Té’s Harmony” equivalent of Juliet), and in doing so proved to herself and her community that there’s more strength in being vulnerable.   D’Neise remains a committed member of RAW Talent, serving as a costume designer, set designer, and choreographer for on-going RAW Talent productions.  


Molly Raynor is a poet, educator and community leader. She has facilitated creative writing workshops in prisons, juvenile facilities, halfway houses, high schools, teen centers and summer camps and has traveled from coast to coast performing spoken word and organizing youth slams. She’s a two-time Ann Arbor youth poetry slam champion and has coached both the Ann Arbor youth team and the University of Michigan slam team. She’s published two poetry collections and has been featured on National Public Radio.  Molly graduated with a Bachelors degree from the University of Michigan in 2006, where she created her own major, entitled “Critical Pedagogy & Activism Through the Arts”. After spending six years as a member and leader within several spoken word programs and collectives (the Volume Youth Poetry Project, Ann Arbor Wordworks and the Cypher), Molly moved to the Bay Area in 2007 and founded RAW Talent in 2008. She is the recipient of a Jefferson Award for Public Service as well as a Teachers 4 Social Justice Award. 


DeAndre Evans, who starred in RAW Talent’s most recent play “Po’Boys Kitchen”, is the youngest addition to the RAW Talent staff. He volunteered for a whole year before being hired because he was so invested in the program and the students that they serve. DeAndre wrote a poem with Donté about the Richmond “soda tax” leading up to election day, which was filmed by the Bigger Picture campaign, in collaboration with Youth Speaks. The video went viral in the Bay Area and now DeAndre has been asked to perform the piece numerous times- along with Donté, he is emerging as a well-respected voice in the important dialogue around food justice and health consciousness in Richmond. DeAndre coordinated the first public RAW Talent open mic last year, creating a space for all young people in the community to express themselves and be heard by their peers. DeAndre puts his whole heart into his teaching, community organizing, and writing. He is determined to create positive change and growth in his city.