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RAW Talent

RAW Talent provides a safe space for creative expression and self-exploration that will increase young peoples’ self-esteem, their identities as artists, their connection to their histories, and their belief in the power of their own voices to transform themselves and their communities.

Where are they now?

RAW Talent has merged with the RYSE Center to form RAW Talent Productions: RYSE’s Music and Performing Arts Program. After two years of collaborative partnering, the RYSE Center is ecstatic to bolster RAW Talent’s work in more tangible ways.

Now a singular value-aligned organization, we’ve just increased our capacity to exponentially elevate the creativity and voices of Richmond youth. As the RYSE Center’s music and performing arts program, RAW Talent Productions will oversee artist development, theater, video and beat production, open mics, poetry slams, film screenings, and much more.

We’re doubling our capacity, extending our reach, and boosting our capability to nurture youth creativity. What could be more inspiring? And what could be more worthy of greater support?